A twist of fate, a choice of destiny. No communication, no sight of each other for 10 years. Who would think I’d end up marrying my grade 6 classmate?

This is the lesson I learned after my grade 6 classmate became my husband recently. A ┬álot of people had been asking me how I met my husband. I always tell them that he’s my grade 6 classmate, but here’s the twist, none of us originally had a crush on the other and we weren’t high school sweethearts either.

It was July 2015 when he contacted me again for our class reunion. I had doubts at first since I was our section’s only girl but their house was somewhat near ours so I went to our reunion. He didn’t show any signs nor make any moves at first. But later on he continued texting me and asked to fetch me from school. It reallyyyy felt so awkward at first since he’s not known as a guy who’d court someone. He’s also known as some kind of a playboy, just happy go lucky and not taking anything seriously.

I used all possible reasons I could use to avoid him at first since it still felt awkward being with him.

But I believe that God has a plan, He gave me the right person and all I had to do was to realize he’s the one. Among all the people I could meet God gave me someone who knew me 10 years ago and now made his way to my heart.