I am already 35 weeks pregnant and I’m just about to file my MAT 1 or maternity notification at SSS Antipolo branch. I had to fie it at an SSS office since I left my job during my 3rd month of pregnancy. I had no idea about the best time to go to an SSS office,  I tried to look for blogs and unfortunately found none so I’m gonna share my experience.

Note: For employed members, maternity notification or MAT 1 is filed directly to your employer.

The first time we went there was on an afternoon and we were advised that it was past their cutoff and that the queue starts by 6:30 am.

The next morning we were already at the SSS  Antipolo branch by 4:30 am! There are no chairs or benches and you just have to stand outside and wait for their office to open. By 6:30am they started letting people in and they gave us queue numbers. We we’re the 5th in line for maternity notification. Although we were already seated they started accepting concerns by 8am!

Anyway, I was able to file my maternity notification and had no bad experience with their employees. Filing Maternity notification of MAT 1 can only be done at SSS offices but applying for the SSS UMID and updating your records can be done at other SSS helpdesks like in some Robinson’s branches (Robinson’s Place Antipolo accepts UMID application and updating members records but does not accept payments.) I highly suggest going to an actual SSS office for filing your maternity notification and do other transactions at SSS helpdesks to avoid the hassle.