I’ve been getting NBI clearance since I had my first job since it’s one of the fastest documents you can get in a day and it counts as a valid id since it has a picture, date of birth and signature on it.

So here are some tips I learned for years of applying for an NBI clearance:

1. Best time 

The best time to go to NBI is around 2 – 3 pm. I know that when it comes to government offices people would always advice you to come early but that’s also the time when most people arrive. I usually go NBI at around 2pm and it took me more or less an hour to get my NBI clearance.

The last time, I arrived past 3pm and it didn’t even take 30 mins to get my NBI clearance!

2. Special lane

NBI also gives priority to Senior citizens, pregnant women, and persons with disability. The problem is that there is only a notice written but not an actual lane for seniors, pregnant or PWD.

So, If you’re one of these people just go directly to their counters and inform them that you’re pregnant, senior or pwd.

I am 35 weeks pregnant the last time I went to apply for an NBI clearance and I was advised by the NBI personnel to go directly to their counters. It’s just hard having big belly and having to fall in line lol.