I learned a lot of things due to my experiences during pregnancy. Nausea, vomiting, headache, and heartburn are just some of the few things I experienced, and all these discomfort and pain taught me to be humble. Everyone has their own struggles we might not understand so I thought that it’s just best to be kind.

But.. pregnancy also taught me that not everyone understands how hard it is to be pregnant or to be someone who needs to be in a courtesy lane. Most of my experiences were from riding the LRT..

I’m always a tall and thin girl and my bump only became noticeable during my 5th month. This made people shoo me away whenever they see me in the courtesy lane. My ultrasound report and baby book are the only evidences I have, which I always had to bring.

But, does my small tummy make my need for the courtesy lane less? No. Just to give you an idea, I felt very weak, I vomit 4 to 5x a day.

The sad thing is, those who made me feel like I don’t belong to the courtesy lane are the senior citizens. I don’t have anything against them and I was never mad about their behavior but I’d admit that it’s sad.

There was a time when a senior citizen beside me whispered “PANG SENIOR LANG DITO” Then I’ll have to explain that I’m pregnant.

Having someone whisper directly to your ear that you don’t deserve your seat is still better than this other experience I had when there were seniors who were giving me bad stares and pointing at my direction. I just rub my belly and they stop.

The first time I had to stand up on a train, I was 3 months pregnant when I had to ride the LRT, I’m from Recto station. It felt like there wasn’t enough air to breathe. I tried so hard to calm myself though I felt like going out the train in cubao station. I almost blacked out. At Anonas station, everything went black and the sounds I hear were slowly fading. The ladies seated in front of me noticed me and immediately gave me their seats.

I just smile even when  people are rude. I just think that they might have no idea of what I’m feeling.

I’m sharing my experiences hoping that we could spread kindness and understanding. Some senior citizens may be weak or experiencing pain too and the best thing we could do is be kind.